Friday, October 21, 2011

gold rush alaska - photos


Discovery's "Gold Rush" Special Available to Fans Online One Week Before Air!
In Discovery Channel's hit series GOLD RUSH, a group of down-on-their-luck men, in the face of an economic meltdown, risk everything to strike it rich mining for gold in Alaska. Inspired by his father Jack, Todd Hoffman leads the miners - now with one ... read more

'Gold Rush' heads back to Alaska for round two
By Kate O'Hare, Zap2It | October 19, 2011 On Friday, Oct. 28, Discovery premieres the second season of "Gold Rush" -- known in season one as "Gold Rush: Alaska" -- again following Oregon resident Todd Hoffman, his father, Jack, and their band of ... read more

Alaska Based Hit Series GOLD RUSH Season 2 Aires
An enormous success in the first season, GOLD RUSH shares a story about a group of down-on-their-luck men lead by Todd Hoffman who risked everything to strike it rich mining for gold in Alaska. The Off Season telecast will show the hard work the ... read more


Gold Rush: Alaskas Todd
gold rush alaska 640
About Gold Rush Alaska
Gold Rush: Alaska
GOLD RUSH: ALASKA, follows six
Gold Rush: Alaska tv show
Gold Rush: Alaska
Gold Rush Alaska
Lucky Gold Miner from Oregon
watching Gold Rush Alaska

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