Saturday, October 29, 2011

gold rush - photos


Who in the World is watching this show! Gold Rush: Alaska
They have been trying to find gold! What they have found is about 30000 dollars worth of nothing! Is anyone watching this show? Did you watch last season? They have found no gold, the owner sold the claim to some jerk, who just kicked them off the ... read more

Concern over cockle 'gold rush'
Those are the words of a fisherman who witnessed the 2004 Morecambe Bay disaster and fears a similar tragedy happening in the "gold rush" since the reopening of the cockle bed in the Ribble estuary off the ... read more

Lifesaver Clean Water Technology Supporting Gold Rush Season 2 on Discovery
As the crew struggled through their first mining season last year they encountered many hardships. During one of the episodes, Todd Hoffman, the inspiration behind the adventure, was faced with a family emergency. His daughter became critically ill, ... read more


California Gold Rush
California Gold Rush
The California Gold Rush
Buzz, Gold Rush
California Gold Rush
Gold Rush- Grade 4
The California Gold Rush | AP
is like the Gold Rush.
Women in the Gold Rush

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