Monday, October 31, 2011

history of halloween - photos


Local History: Lincoln County Halloween in 1911
Halloween to most all of us seems like it has happened forever, but as with many traditions, it just isn't so. Halloween is a day for kids. Nearly everyone living today, under the age of 90 anyway, has probably grown up with this tradition. ... read more

Halloween in Stillwater: The Historical Meaning, Symbols, Customs and Local Tricks
Brent Peterson, the executive director of the Washington County Historical Society, writes about the history of Halloween and the tricks played 100 years ago in Stillwater. Halloween has been around for many years. Young people dressing up in costumes ... read more

History of the Halloween Jack- o'-Lantern
Jack-o'-Lanterns, those carved up, hollowed out pumpkins, often with candles inside of them, have been the face of Halloween for centuries. But when it comes to the history of the venerable o'-Lantern, ... read more


Halloween A Jack-o-lantern
mass-day of all saints),
History of Halloween
History of Halloween
History of Halloween
History of Halloween
The fires of Halloween burned
Halloween history traces back
Halloween History
History Of Halloween Pictures

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