Thursday, October 6, 2011

joan baez - photos


1970 rock festival photos on show
The images of performers such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Hawkwind, Joan Baez and Leonard Cohen were taken by photographer Charles Everest, who now lives in Swansea. The exhibition is being opened by Nik Turner (pictured above) who was in the original ... read more

Back in the 60s people around here would say “Oh sure Joan Baez, she really slept around.” That that casual piece of slander made me furious and kept me that even after I saw the 2009 American Masters documentary about her where she says basically 'I ... read more

Steve Jobs, Apple's visionary, dies at 56
In his 20s, he dated Joan Baez; Ella Fitzgerald sang at his 30th birthday party. His worldview was shaped by the '60s counterculture in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he had grown up, the adopted son of a Silicon Valley machinist. ... read more


Joan Baez
Joan Baez Fotos und Bilder
Joan Baezs
News about Joan Baez,
Joan Baez Biography
Joan Baez.
Joan Baez and Bob Dylan at the
Joan Baez picture
Picture of Joan Baez

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