Tuesday, October 11, 2011

kraken - photos


Lair of Ancient 'Kraken' Sea Monster Possibly Discovered
The Kraken destroys the Edinburgh Trader in the film, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest." A giant sea monster, the likes of the mythological kraken, may have swum Earth's ancient oceans, snagging what was thought to be the ... read more

Charles Walsh: The end is near, or a Kraken
A scientist in Colorado or someplace says he's found the lair of a Giant Kraken. I don't know what a Giant Kraken is and I don't want to. Stinkbugs, once considered just a minor irritation, have become a major threat to crops across the nation. ... read more

They Found the Sea Monster's Lair!
Kraken lair! Saturn rings! Persistent chemist! Envious mind! Foreign insects! Baltimore telescope! Ancient language! And a serious geological epochal debate! It's your Monday Science Watch, where we watch science—perilously! Oh my god they've found ... read more


An octopus-like kraken
Attack of the Kraken
The Kraken
by a kraken off the coast
The Legendary Kraken: Fact or
Attack of the Kraken
Release the Kraken!
Deep-Sea Kraken
Kraken are mythological sea
File:Kraken lady.jpg

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