Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Lytro's Light Field Camera Creates 'Living' Pictures
Lytro's revolutionary light field camera, which was officially unveiled today, aims to solve all the pain and heartache. The Lytro camera is a light-field, or plenoptic, camera. An array of micro-lenses sits over the camera's sensor, capturing all the ... read more

Bill Belichick on Patriots-Cowboys, the Schwartz-Harbaugh handshake and what ...
Or -- got in -- in Gorham -- And by the Vince Wilfork foundation and Jocelyn diabetes center high hopes fun visit Jocelyn dot org today what big -- You'd picked up a lot yesterday We talked to our Patriots Friday regular Matt Light about the 4-1 ... read more

Crashes Reduced At LI Intersections With Red Light Cameras
At 32 intersections where the county compared 12 months of data before and after cameras were installed, there was an average 12.3 percent reduction in crashes. One intersection at the Roosevelt Field mall showed a steep increase. ... read more


Light Field Camera
Adobe Light-Field Camera.
Adobe Light-Field Camera-
adobe light field multi lense
First Large Light Field Camera
First Large Light Field Camera
Light Field Camera.
Adobes plenoptic camera lens
The Lytro Light Field Camera
Light Field Camera Array and

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