Wednesday, October 19, 2011

mitt romney - photos


Romney's Lawn Care History and the Fight Over Immigration
Rick Perry's most pointed attack against Mitt Romney in Tuesday night's debate concerned an immigration matter that came to light when Mr. Romney was campaigning for president four years ago. ... read more

Romney says foreclosures should "hit the bottom"
AP LAS VEGAS — Mitt Romney came to the state with the highest foreclosure rate in the nation and said he wants to allow home foreclosures to "hit the bottom" to help the housing industry recover. Republican presidential candidate former ... read more

Romney: It's "dangerous" to choose president based on religion
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Tuesday he thought it was "dangerous" to select a president based on the church or synagogue he or she belonged to - and that doing so would be an "enormous departure from the principles of our ... read more


Mitt Romney calls for Egyptian
Mitt Romney Candidate Profile
File:Mitt Romney.jpg
Born Willard Mitt Romney
Mitt Romneys House in La
Images Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney politician in Poll
In 2008, Romney left
File:Mitt Romney 2007 profile
Mitt Romney Video \\�Believe

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