Tuesday, October 11, 2011

new hampshire debate - photos


GOP hopefuls tout economic positions at New Hampshire debate
Hanover, New Hampshire (CNN) -- Herman Cain, the latest Republican presidential candidate to surge to the top of the polls, found himself in the hot seat Tuesday night at a debate in New Hampshire centered on the economic matters. ... read more

Republican Presidential Candidates Set to Debate U.S. Economy
Oct. 11 (Bloomberg) -- A Republican presidential debate that Mitt Romney hopes will solidify his frontrunner status will open with the echo of a voice not on stage in Hanover, New Hampshire: Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, who came to the state ... read more

New Hampshire debate: Herman Cain can be nearing the heat period soon
New Hampshire debate can be make or break for Herman Cain prospects. He has so far been holding strong in the race but situations hint that the tough times for him might not be far away. He has won till now because of his strong debate appearances and ... read more


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New Hampshire Debate
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