Sunday, October 16, 2011

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The best ice-cold movies
By far the best frigidly set horror movie of all time, The Shining hopefully inaccurately depicts the feared results of cabin fever brought on by copious amounts of snow (and isolation and ghosts). It also features the best-ever hedge-maze death scene ... read more

Red Cross honors local 'Shining Stars'
EASTON A night of "Shining Stars" brought more than 120 people together at the Talbot Country Club Oct. 7, when the American Red Cross of the Delmarva Peninsula held its second Clara Barton Awards honoring Women of Distinction. ... read more

Parenthood shining heart of rough draft
Of his former style and subjects, he drops the nervous vulgarity and skips the sports. But he cleaves to that idea of parenthood that he once wrote so charmingly about. This becomes the shining heart of an otherwise rough draft of a decent first novel. ... read more


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