Thursday, October 6, 2011

threadworm - photos


The Ubiquitous Nematode: How a Simple Worm Conquered the Earth
They are among the most diverse of all animals, though most people in developed countries are only ever likely to encounter them in the form of the pinworm (threadworm), a common childhood infection. They occupy an astonishing range of habitats, ... read more

The readers' room: what you thought of G2 this week
"Oh the joy of Threadworm!" enthused TheMumster, "Strip bed, wash bedding, change pyjamas and towels and then take the foul tasting liquid medicine once and then again two weeks later and you're sorted. It's more of an inconvenience really, ... read more

Just what the doctor ordered
She was also commended for a sun protection quiz she designed and ran with local girl guides, plus patient leaflets she produced for key conditions such as threadworm and head lice which are part of the organisation's Minor Ailment Scheme. ... read more


The threadworm lifecycle
aka the threadworm.
Threadworms - ewwwwwww!
Threadworms (enoplus)
Threadworm (also known as
seat worm or thread worm.
Photo of a thread worm
Threadworms Action Week -

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