Saturday, November 5, 2011

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Curmudgeonly Commentator Andy Rooney Dies
Longtime CBS commentator, humorist, writer and beloved curmudgeon Andy Rooney died Friday night at the age of 92, only weeks after his last appearance on the news magazine program "60 Minutes," where he had enjoyed a 33-year run. ... read more

The Scientific Curmudgeon - Looking for sparks of hope in books on energy
Giving my green pep talk is getting tougher these days. Since I started teaching at Steven six years ago, I've taken every opportunity to tell students that they can help save the world-and make lots of moola!-by inventing cleaner, cheaper alternatives ... read more

Chris Wallace: For America, Losing Andy Rooney Is 'A Death In The Family'
Agreeing that Rooney was “absolutely” a curmudgeon, Wallace also testified to the “real sweetness” of Rooney and his genuineness on and off camera. “Was he a curmudgeon? Absolutely!” Wallace told the Fox & Friends crew, but adding that Rooney had a ... read more


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