Saturday, November 12, 2011

gop debate - photos


CBS/NJ GOP debate tonight: 5 things to watch
Almost every debate has been a challenge for the Texas governor, but after Wednesday night's face plant in Michigan, there's really nowhere for him to go but up. He's tried to make light of he stumbles and turn them into strengths, saying he's not ... read more

GOP candidates ready for CBS News/National Journal debate
After the debate, CBS News political analyst John Dickerson will host a post-debate webcast analysis of the candidates on The debates are closely watched among Republican primary voters, 61 percent of whom said they have seen at least one ... read more

Foreign policy takes center stage at tonight's GOP debate
SPARTANBURG, SC — The potential of a nuclear Iran, China's alleged currency manipulation, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are expected to be fodder for tonight's debate among the eight major Republican ... read more


GOP presidential debate, June
The final lineup of Republican
GOP presidential debate in
GOP candidates lined up to
first REAL debate between
during the GOP debate in
for the second GOP Debate
GOP presidential debate
the 2011 Republican Debate in

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