Tuesday, November 1, 2011

history of halloween - photos


History of Halloween? It's not so ghoulish
Halloween history quiz: Is Halloween an American holiday? Absolutely not. In fact, Halloween is considered to be one of the oldest holidays in the world, and one celebrated around the globe in one fashion or another. Of course, it's not always labeled ... read more

The twisted history of candy
As frost bites the air and plastic Halloween bunting unfurls in suburban yards, our thoughts turn to the simple delights of candy: the pastel snap of Necco wafers, the dubious rattle of a box of Good & Plenty. ... read more

History of the Halloween Jack- o'-Lantern
Jack-o'-Lanterns, those carved up, hollowed out pumpkins, often with candles inside of them, have been the face of Halloween for centuries. But when it comes to the history of the venerable o'-Lantern, ... read more


Halloween A Jack-o-lantern
mass-day of all saints),
History of Halloween
History of Halloween
History of Halloween
History of Halloween
Halloween History
The fires of Halloween burned
Halloween history traces back
History Of Halloween Pictures

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