Saturday, November 26, 2011

ibogaine - photos


Scoopy's Notebook
“I just want to come back to New York and resume a quiet life doing Ibogaine work,” he said. “I obviously can't get caught again moving large loads of pot across the country.” At his sentencing, Beal argued that he provided cheap pot to patients who ... read more

25 Years of Psychedelic Drug Research to be Celebrated
MAPS is currently conducting studies with MDMA, LSD, ibogaine, and other psychedelic drugs, in an attempt to develop them into legal prescription medicines, in order to treat a variety of difficult-to-treat illnesses. MAPS will be celebrating 25 years ... read more

Thanks For Your Mail And Letters
The only negative or hateful letter I have received is from Sara Glatt in Amsterdam, a woman I once gave $4000 (in 2004) to help her get her ibogaine hospice off the ground again after she was raided by police. That brings to mind the phrase 'no good ... read more


(plant source of ibogaine)
Tabananthe Iboga - from
Ibogaine -- The Magic Plant
Ibogaine induces dizzines and
are Iboga and Ibogaine?
MindVox : Ibogaine : Natural
The Ibogaine Dossier.
Ibogaine Cover
Photo of Ibogaine
Ibogaine is a drug with some

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