Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Legendary sci-fi author Anne McCaffrey has died
The trailblazing and multiple award-winning science fiction and fantasy author Anne McCaffrey passed away Monday. She was 85. Wired's Matt Blum writes that "McCaffrey helped pave the way for women writers in fantasy and science fiction, ... read more

Drat it!: Time to give thanks where they are due
Thank you, Anne McCaffrey, for giving us Harper Hall. » I'm thankful that when Jami Kinton mentioned she was interviewing Baby Bop last week, I had to think for a few seconds to remember Barney the Dinosaur's sidekick. It has been a very long time ... read more

Exclusive: Author PC Cast on the 'House of Night' Comics and Movie, and ...
But I remember distinctly, when I was thirteen, I read Anne McCaffrey's first three Pern books. And I remember saying to myself two things – "Wow, a woman can write fantasy and… star in it!" I was like, "Yeah!" Anne McCaffrey totally influenced me ... read more


Anne McCaffrey
Anne McCaffrey has tried
Anne McCaffrey is among the
Anne McCafferty is no ones
Anne McCaffrey: A Life With
Congratulations Anne McCaffrey
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Anne McCaffrey

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