Monday, November 28, 2011

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Zombie School Teaches Actors
Reporter: AP Norman Reedus, who plays still-living bad boy Darryl on "The Walking Dead," says actors on the show who are now playing dead need to be taught how to act like a zombie so "there's a zombie school in Georgia where they teach you how to walk ... read more

'Walking Dead': In 'Pretty Much Dead Already,' they shoot zombies, don't they?
Shane (Jon Bernthal) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) are not exactly gun shy. (Gene Page/AMC) The first half of the second season of “The Walking Dead” concluded in much the same way it began: with the unfortunate firing of a gun. ... read more

Norman Reedus goes deep as Daryl Dixon in 'The Walking Dead'
Norman Reedus never wanted Daryl Dixon, the redneck he plays in AMC's "The Walking Dead," to be a younger version of Daryl's racist brother, Merle. He's definitely showing more sides of Daryl in Season 2 of the hit series, ... read more


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Norman Reedus Picture
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