Wednesday, November 30, 2011

rajon rondo - photos


Irish Coffee: Rajon Rondo rumors fact and fiction
FACT: The Celtics are discussing Rajon Rondo in a trade for Hornets point guard Chris Paul. When rumors started flying that team president Danny Ainge has included Rondo in trade discussions, there was always only one player who could ... read more

DeFranks: Bring on the Heat hate (Nov. 29)
Prove that Rajon Rondo finally has a jump-shot. Prove that your Big Three is better than Miami's Big Three. Bring it on, Orlando. Prove that Dwight Howard is the next great big man. Prove that you can keep him. Prove that shooting 26 threes a game is a ... read more

Who should the Pacers give up to land Rondo?
The Pacers have talked to the Boston Celtics about a potential deal involving all-star point guard Rajon Rondo, according to a Yahoo!Sports report overnight. The Pacers would have to get a third team involved to make a deal work, according to the ... read more


Talented Rajon Rondo
look alley oop Rajon Rondo
Rajon Rondo Signed 8x10
Rajon Rondo Body Shape
Rajon Rondo Bio
Rajon Rondo Funny Photos
Rajon Rondo Funny Photos
Rajon Rondo, Celtics agree on
Rajon Rondo Action
Rajon Rondo

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